Summer Sales Event
We run a successful trade in program
and now we have some excess Exakt 50 EC
refurbished models for sale.
There are so many ways to save!

Pick one of the savings options and make the most out of this summer!

Savings Option #1
Exakt 50 EC on eBay. Starting bid is $3,750.

Sorry the bidding has ended and the item was sold.

Savings Option #2
$1,500 Instant Coupon toward your Amazon Exakt 50 EC purchase, using code N6C64AS6.

Exakt 50 EC Listing on Amazon

Savings Option #3
Name your own price: Pick a price in the designated range. Be careful - we might reject if it's too low. But who knows. Anything could happen! Simply fill out the form below. Don't worry. No commitment is required after the form is filled out. Have fun!