T50 Ointment Mill

THT Ointment Mill


After the extremely successful T65 series three roll mill, Torrey Hills Technologies applied its award winning technology to the development of T50 ointment mill, featuring user friendly interface, all stainless steel structure, advanced fine adjustment mechanism, and super fast processing of material. Priced competitively and with little to none maintenance required, the cost of ownership is the lowest in the market.


Superior Alumina Rollers Instead of Porcelain Rollers
Superior Dispersion Result Guaranteed

T50 ointment mill's precise 99.5% Alumina rollers, ground to 5μm concentricity and 0.5μm surface finish, instantly transforms gritty ointment into uniform, smooth, visually appealing and effective topical medication.

Innovative Gap Adjustment Mechanism

Roller spacing is easily and conveniently set by 2 knobs on the side with 9 positional markings. Extra fine adjustment mechanism for easy roller calibration.

Longer Rollers And Faster Speed For Higher Output

Higher throughput than most competitors’ ointment mill models. Longer rollers and high speed motor give a maximum output up to 8kg/h.

Continuous Speed Control

Stepless adjustment of roller speed offers more possibility and flexibility in control.


The Revolutionary Three Roll Mill Cleaning Tool

NO MORE manual scrubbing
NO MORE need to pay for expensive
removable rollers
FINALLY a smart design to make your job easier!

Less Waste!

Less waste than competitors’ models. The total loss on T50 ointment mill rollers could be as little as 1.5g out of 100g in practice.

Easy Operation 1-2-3-4

If you want a high output, turn the front quick adjustment knob to 1, and the rear quick adjustment knob to 3. If your goal is to achieve a finer finish, turn the front quick adjustment knob to 0, and the rear quick adjustment knob to 1 or smaller.

Turn the speed knob to start with half the full speed. You can adjust it later even when the rollers are running.

Push the start button to turn on the mill.

Drop cream into the feeding area and watch the magic of fine mixing and dispersion.


5 Star Review

"At first, I bought an ointment mill off eBay which was 220v and it did not work with the transformer that I had. So they offered me a trade in option for a better mill that definitely worked (it had to be built from scratch). It took a while to get but they worked with me to get it as quickly as possible. Great customer service as they contacted me along the way until I got my final product. Thanks!"
- Tony Nguyen

5 Star Review

"Knowledgeable staff and excellent customer support. The equipment is well engineered and straightforward to use."
- Vincent Polywoda

5 Star Review

"Awesome place, great mills and very helpful staff."
- Carolina Forest, Pharmacist


Parameters T50 Ointment Mill
Roller Material Ceramic
Diameter of Roller 2” (50mm)
Length of Roller 7 ” (178mm)
Motor Power 120W
Weight 45 lbs (21kg)
Dimensions 13.5”x8.5”x9” (346 mmx220 mmx230 mm)
Throughput 7kg (1.8 gal/hr)