2.5x5 Three Roll Mill Ceramic Model

three roll mill ceramic model

Our ceramic rollers are made from cold iso-static pressed and fired 99.5% alumina, and ground to 5Ám concentricity and 0.5Ám surface finish.

Three roll mills with ceramic rollers are recommended when metallic contamination is a concern for the milling process. Our ceramic rollers have been widely used in such applications as thick film paste, Dye Sensitized Solar Cell research, fuel cell research, etc.

Safety Features

  • Large mushroom style red emergency stop button
  • Emergency pull cord
  • VFD enabled wash-up operation mode
  • Nip guard


Parameter 2.5 x 5 Three Roll Mill Ceramic Lab Model
Roller Material Alumina (Aluminum Oxide)
Diameter of Roller 2.5” (65mm)
Length of Roller 5.0” (127mm)
Roller Speed Ratio (Fixed) 1:2:4
Speed of Roller
Slow Roller 0~108
Mid Roller 0~216
Fast Roller 0~432
Motor Power 3/4HP / .55kW
Weight 165 lbs (75kg)
Dimensions 25”x11”x15” (635mmx280mmx381mm)