ADA Will Be Using Our Mill To Process Dental Composites

The Science Institute of ADA recently placed an order for a T50 ointment mill from us. We are so excited they will be using this mill to process composite materials for advanced research in oral health.

The ADA advocates our members and overall public oral health. The Science Institute of ADA, which is fully owned by ADA, commits to improving science and evidence-based dentistry. Their lab conducts research in dental materials, instrumentation, clinical practice, and other topics of interest to dentists and patients. They also develop ANSI/ADA/ISO/ASTM standards, based on their research, for dentistry and sometimes other relevant health care systems. We can always count on using an ADA member dentist for superier oral care.

As to the model they chose, it was a T50 HT (High Torque) model with stainless steel rollers. Since they work with a variety of materials, include hard fillers like zirconia, we recommended the high torque model. The special gear system equipped on this model delivers the highest level of power and performance.


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