BYU Professor Peter Everett and His Stunning Artworks

On December 2015, Peter Everett, an accomplished artist and professor at Brigham Young University, bought a T65 model three roll mill to make unique blend of paints for his art class and art creation. In his artwork, he focuses mainly on two-dimensional media such as printmaking, painting and mixed media. Where as at Brigham Young University, he teaches different types of art classes, but focuses mainly on printmaking and advanced studio courses. In 2015 when he contacted us, he let us know that he wanted to purchase a T65 with Stainless Steel rollers to produce oil-based paints and inks for his students to use.

Fast forward three years, and we were contacted once again, but this time by his department head saying that he was requesting yet another device. Their current device has been in such high demand, that there is a waiting list of students who want an opportunity to use it. Were ecstatic to see that the mill is producing such great results for these students and that everyone wants an opportunity to use it on their projects. The stainless steel rollers that he ordered allow for the perfect blend of different types of paint media from oil to latex to water. They are also very easy to clean and will not stain when being used to combine paints and inks - were happy to be able to assist tomorrows artists, in creating today's art.

Check out his stunning artworks now!