GM and the Use of T65 Three Roll Mill in Silver Thick Film Paste Formulation

Back in October 2014, we sold a lab model T65 three roll mill with stainless steel rollers to General Motors Components Holdings, LLC (GM). The unit was used to mix and disperse silver thick film paste, breaking down the final particle agglomerates and improving conductivity efficiency.

GM is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the United States. It is also home to Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Holden and Baojun, etc. In 2017, GM delivered 9 million vehicles globally. Our T65 lab three roll mill was chosen by GM based on the size and features for the price. T65 is definitely the most competitive model out there in the market. We are honored being one of GMs suppliers.

During a recent visit to GM manufacturing site in April 2018, our President Ken Kuang was told that T65 three roll mill lab model is doing exactly what was expected. GM folks like that its powerful yet also compact giving them the convenience to move the mill around the site (on a wheeled cart) when often needed. Their favorite part is they do not need to grind the silver particles in a planetary ball mill beforehand any more. The tremendous shear force by T65 not only can break down the fine particle agglomerates and in the meantime transform the silver particles from spherical to flake-like form, hence increasing the packing density and improving the electrical conductivity of the paste significantly.

In an email communication dated back in February, 2015, GM also expressed their appreciation of this mill. My coworker has been using the mill (T65 three roll mill) once or twice a week on average and has really gotten to like it," commented a Sr. Mfg Engineer from GM's Kokomo Site. "She loves the variable speed control and the fact that it controls down to 0.