T65SL Production Model
Three Roll Mill

Lowest capital cost for a production model three roll mill, along with the lowest operating cost and smallest footprint.

Buy American Act Compliant.
Made in the US with US and Imported Parts.


When comparing the T65SL to other industry leaders in production / high yield mills such as Exakt, Buhler Ross and Lehmann this mill has many qualities that make it the mill of choice over other leading three roll mills. It has the lowest capital cost production for a three roll mill, along with the lowest operating cost and smallest footprint. Also due to its size, itís light enough to move without making it a hassle and easy to store due to its more compact size. One key quality that many may not realize is that itís a very adaptable mill since it was designed to use single-phase power so customers donít have to worry about how to find a specific socket for power. All of these factors contribute to make this mill not only affordable to the customer in price but also to the business in space and power usage. To top it off ALL of Torrey Hills Technologies three roll mills are made in the USA as well as buy American act compliant. Whereas other models are German, Swiss and other overseas countries.

The T65SL model offers fast roller speeds and high throughput up to 40 kilograms or 88 pounds per hour. The fast roller runs at 432 RPM. Variable frequency drive allows stepless speed control and slow speed runs. Roller spacing and adjustment is set manually with quick engagement mechanism by the use of four small hand wheels. Safety trip limit switch (in the form of a pull cord) and emergency stop button make this three roll mill very safe to operate. Other advantages include self-lubricating gears and Teflon end plates.

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Three Roll Mill Parameters T65SL Model
Roller Material Stainless Steel
Diameter of Roller 2.5" (65mm)
Length of Roller 20" (520 mm)
Roller Speed Ratio (Fixed) 1:2:4
Speed of Roller RPM Slow Roller 0~108
Middle Roller 0~216
Fast Roller 0~432
Power 3/4HP / .55 kW
Voltage 110V 60 Hz or 220V 50 Hz (10% voltage fluctuation allowed)
Net Weight 220 lbs (100kg)
Throughput ~40 kg/hr
Overall Dimensions 40" x 11" x 15"
(1020mm x 280mm x 381mm)

Three Roll Mill Comparison Chart

T50 2.5x5 Competitor 50 T65 2.5x10 Competitor 80 T65B T65SL
2.5 x 7" (64mm x 178mm)
2 x 6" (50mm x 150mm)
2.5 x 10" (65mm x 254mm)
3.1 x 9.8" (80 x 250 mm)
2.5 x 10" (65mm x 254mm)
2.5 x 20" (63.5mmx508 mm)
0.12 kW (.16HP)
0.12 kW (.16HP)
.55kW (3/4HP)
0.3/0.45kW (0.4/0.6HP)
.55kW (3/4HP)
0.56 kW (0.75HP)
45 lbs (21kg)
42 lbs (19kg)
165 lbs (75kg)
154 lbs (70 kg)
175 lbs (80 kg)
220 lbs (100kg)
7 kg (1.8 gal/hr)
7 kg (1.8 gal/hr)
10 kg (2.6 gal/hr)
20 kg/hr (5.3 gal/hr)
20 kg/hr (5.3 gal/hr)
40 kg/hr (10.4 gal/hr)
14 x 9 x 9" (346 x 220 x 230mm)
13 x 11 x 11" (320 x 270 x 290mm)
25 x 11 x 15" (635 x 280 x 381mm)
26 x 22 x 21" (650 x 550 x 530mm)
30 x 11 x 15" (770 x 290 x 400mm)
40 x 11 x 15" (1016 x 279 x 381mm)

*Each THT three roll mill comes with a device called VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) allowing customers to change the roller speed steplessly during use and to safely wash the rollers.

Things To Note: Our mills run a bit heavier to competitors due to their stainless steel casing designed for easy cleanup and extra durability. All our lab models come with variable speed control. At 10% of the max roller speed, you can easily and safely clean the rollers while the machine is still running. To keep the machine in excellent working condition, we recommend putting lubrication grease into the 2 small grease holes on the machine every 120 hours of running.

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