Compare and Contrast

Each THT three roll mill comes with a device called VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), while other manufacturers charge $2,845.00 for this option. Customers can change the roller speed steplessly and to safely wash the rollers. Watch and learn how to operate THT mills. It's that easy!


Many customers ask us how our products compare to the major German competitor's.
Here you have it!

Three Roll Mill Comparison Chart

Parameters THT 2.5x5 Competitor 50 THT 2.5x10 Competitor 80 THT 6x12 Competitor 120
Roller diameter 65 50 65 80 155 120
Roller length 127 150 260 250 305 450
Roller speed ratio 4:2:1 3.3:1.8:1 4:2:1 9:3:1 5.4:2.4:1 9:3:1
Single speed motor (kW) 0.55 0.12 0.55 0.55 3 1.5
Weight (approx.Kg) 75 12 88 70 500 180
Length (mm) 635 320 770 560 840 1000
Depth (mm) 381 280 356 400 840 650
Price Find Out $7,200* Find Out $27K-30K* Find Out  

* This price does not include any options. It is calculated based on customer's feedbacks and should be deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Our lab model has the same motor power as Competitor 80. It is also heavier because our lab model has all stainless steel outer cover for easy cleanup and extra durability. All our lab models come with variable speed control. At 10% of the max roller speed, you can easily and safely clean the rollers while the machine is still running. To keep the machine in excellent working condition, we recommend you put lubrication grease into the 2 small grease holes on the machine every 120 hours of running.

Compared to Competitor 120, our 6x12 model is more powerful and has a more rugged design. It also comes with VFD for variable speed control.

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