"Growing old is just a natural part of life, and it can't be avoided. At least, that's what most of us have accepted when it comes to aging.

While it's true that aging is associated with natural changes in dynamic biological, physiological, environmental, behavioral, and social processes, there have been many advances in the field of anti-aging over the years. Is it possible to restore a youthful appearance past a certain age? Science says yes. Some age-related changes are particularly annoying, including graying hair, dry skin, visible pores, wrinkles, and a decrease in cell turnover. However, there are variety of way to slowdown aging these days. Let's explore some of the top methods!

First and foremost, a healthy diet has been found to be paramount for maintaining wellness and slowing down the aging process. Saturated fats, fried foods and sugars can increase long-term inflammation throughout the body, and inflammation is known to speed up the aging process. Proper nutrition is crucial when trying to reduce chronic inflammation. Additionally, introducing a periodic fast has also been found to boost the body's ability to heal and repair damaged cells, but this should be discussed with your doctor first. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has also shown to slow the progression of aging. This includes minimizing stress levels, regulating sleep patterns, avoiding UV exposure and using sun protection, as well as regularly exercising and drinking water. Monitoring proper hormone levels is also important, as hormone levels can decline with age and then alter the skin's appearance.

In addition to diet and other lifestyle considerations, nutraceuticals can also help to slowdown aging. A nutraceutical can be defined as a bioactive substance that is isolated from food to provide health benefits (collagen, for example). These healthy supplements can help neutralize free radicals and delay aging. Nutraceuticals can provide extra support that wouldn't be possible to obtain from diet alone.

When seeking anti-aging results, both internal and external options are important to consider. Targeting specific areas of concern is also possible with topical anti-aging skin products such as creams, moisturizers, gels, oils, serums, masks, and other cosmetics. Topical medication can be formulated to address specific issues and achieve therapeutic results.

The method used to prepare and formulate an anti-aging product can be significant in its effectiveness. Certain methods can be used to enhance the mixture and delivery of anti-aging solutions, including nutraceuticals and skin care products. For instance, the technique of compounding allows for tailored blends that are customized to exact individual needs. Ingredients can be compounded with mixing equipment, such as a three roll mill. A three roll mill has three horizontally positioned rollers. Each roller rotates in an opposite direction from the adjacent roller with a tiny gap between them, creating tremendous shear force that can finely disperse, mix, or refine viscous materials. Three roll mills are far more precise than older compounding methods, like using a mortar and pestle.

Three roll mills offer the advantage of creating perfectly homogenous mixtures, which is essential when assessing anti-aging products with experimental trials, etc. For example, it is important for all experimental samples to be precisely prepared so that the results aren't skewed. To aid in this purpose, Torrey Hill Technologies (THT) has created the award-winning T65 model three roll mill, which is primarily used in laboratory research for sample preparation and assessment of anti-aging beauty cosmetics and topical medication. THT offers a variety of mills to meet the requirements of different situations and products, including a Botanical/Herbal Cream Mill designed to disperse anti-aging essential oils or botanical powders into a cream base.

These days, there is an increasing demand for individualized anti-aging solutions. The global market is seeing exponential growth for consumer demand of natural, safe and useful products to deal with the signs of aging. Industries all around the world are focused on developing anti-aging products every day that are more and more effective. Without a doubt, the science of anti-aging has something to offer everyone.