NOW AVAILABLE - T50 Ointment Mill Cleaning Tool

press the tool directly on the rollers and ... done!


Traditionally, cleaning ointment mills was a lengthy process, involving soapy water, alcohol or other solvents, as well as tissues or paper towels. The rollers were cleaned manually and separately, resulting in unwanted turnaround times.

One option is to pay a steep premium for Exakt's 50EC model, of which the rollers are removable and fully submersible. However, operators still need to "take them to the sink, clean them thoroughly, and then replace them." For Torrey Hills and MEDISCA, a global leader in providing turnkey solutions to the pharmaceutical compounding industry, the process must be further streamlined.

Using licensed technology from MEDISCA, we are proudly launching a revolutionary Cleaning Tool for our line of T50 lab model Three Roll Mills. The cleaning tool is used in conjunction with reusable microfiber cloth to remove any residue left on rollers after the milling process.

The secret to this winning design is a curved surface that fits the contour of the rollers seamlessly. High density microfiber cleaning cloth is custom-cut and can be attached to the cleaning tool securely to ensure every inch of the roller surface will be covered. Additionally, this heavy-duty cleaning cloth is machine washable and reusable. It is safe on both stainless steel rollers and ceramic rollers.

Here are the easy steps to clean up the rollers fast without any fuss.

Just relax and watch how a simple innovation helps streamline the jobs of mill operators.