Botanical/Herbal Cream Mill

THT Ointment Mill

Unlock the Botanical Power with Cream Mill

Cream mill is a machine tool specifically designed to disperse essential oil or botanical powders into the cream base of your choice. Thorough blending and dispersion bring up the botanical benefits to their fullest extent. It gives your topical creams the finest appearance, gets rid of any grittiness left in the concoction, and helps increase the potency of your formulations.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Botanicals

  • Used in skin and hair care products, botanicals are great source of antioxidants.
  • Some botanicals function as a stimulant, while others exert a calming effect.
  • Some have an effect on pain, immunity, and stress.
  • Benefits

  • High shear force for the ultimate smooth and creamy texture you customers would love.
  • Your choice of roller materials for the minimum level of contamination.
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain. The mills will last for a long time with proper care.
  • Easily adjustable gap size and speed level for customized operations.
  • Continuous process for high efficiency production.
  • Botanical/Herbal Cream Mill Specifications

    Parameters Cream Mill
    Roller Material Ceramic or Stainless Steel
    Diameter of Roller 2” (50mm)
    Length of Roller 7 ” (178mm)
    Motor Power 120W
    Weight 45 lbs (21 kg)
    Dimensions 13.5”x8.5”x9” (346 mmx220 mmx230 mm)