Cultured Meat - Shaking Incubator Helping for a Sustainable World

According to Hampton Creek, a Silicon Valley startup, working on cellular agriculture products, the production of meat and seafood around the globe nowadays will double to 1.2 trillion pounds by 2050 if we keep consuming at current amount. However, our planet will not support providing supplies that animal production from industry requires for example: water, fertilizer, fuel, pesticides. By 2050 Earth’s people calculation is approximately 9 billion and meat consumption estimated to rise 70% in the next three decades – the solution must be technology – lab-grown meats could help offset the environmental future damages.

Campaign such as meatless Mondays or be vegetarian, go vegan became more and more frequent and people are aware about meat nutrition future consequences. Now there is a sustainable revolutionize food option: clean meat industry made from cells instead of lives, confined animals that is possible produce milk without cows and nuggets without chickens. There are many startups doing this job called digital biology or synthetic biology – convert the genes of yeast cells in a vitro meat process to generate milk but with no cows.

Here is how:

The process starts taking some cells from the muscle of an animal with a small biopsy under anesthesia. This cells are called “myosatellite” cells which are the stem cell of muscles and have the function to generate a new muscle tissue when the muscle is injured. Producing the clean meat as known as cultured meat, comes essential from the stem cells.

Shaking Incubators

As the same occur inside an animal, the cells will proliferate when placed for growth – when the shaking incubators are in action and make the whole process become into a future clean meat. From a small sample cells proliferating until get trillions of cells and just from one sample it is possible produce 800 million strands of muscles tissue and make around 80,000 quarter pounders. The clean meat is ready when all these fibers are layered together and is possible process using same food methods, for example grinder to make ground beef.

There is no antibiotics, genetic modification, environmental damages and animal slaughter which comes with traditional meat production. The cells are doing the same work that they would normally do inside the animals but with technology help in favor for a better future for us.

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