Make Your World Safer and Cleaner

Here are just a few things our three roll mills can whip up.
And the possibilities are endless!

Our three rill mill has been used to mill organic materials to make exceptional lipsticks, mascaras, and nail polishes. Worried that you are putting chemicals and artificial colors all over your beautiful skin? The safe alternatives contain no parabens, toxins, artificial colors, and nut products.

Fuel cells are clean and green cells. They work without polluting the environment. Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that transform the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity generating water as a by-product. Fuel cells are most used in space flights but they can be best utilized in electric vehicles to reduce air pollution. Three roll mill is used in the making of metal and ceramic pastes in a fuel cell.

It's both fun and thoughtful to make organic/all natural paints that are safe for children. Now parents can relax knowing that the artist colors and face paints their kids use are free of nano particles, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde.