Exakt 80 Ointment Mill / Three Roll Mill & Accessories -- Serial #801717


$9,999.00 $6,490.00


Torrey Hills Technologies offers Exakt trade-in option to customers who buy new Torrey Hills Tech T65, T65B three roll mills. Recently, THT began to offer repair and maintenance service for Exakt 50 and Exakt 80 three roll mills. All used machines are refurbished by THT engineers.

Refurbished - all roller bearings are new. Runs smooth! Was used by a cosmetics customer. Great savings compared to a new unit. 3-month seller warranty (terms and conditions apply). Lifetime support is available upon request.

  • Accessories: End guides, scraper, hopper, splash tray
  • Serial Number #801717
  • Throughput liters/hour min-max* - 0.02-20
  • Roller diameter mm - 80
  • Roller length mm - 250
  • Roller speed ratio n1 :n2 :n3 - 9:3:1.
  • Roller material - Aluminum Oxide
  • Three Phase 200-220V AC

Local pick up in San Diego, CA is welcome. If you need freight shipping, please contact us for the shipping cost.