Nanoparticle Ink Formulation with a T50 Three Roll Mill at Harvard's Lewis Research Group

April 24, 2018

Earlier this year, the Lewis Research Group at Harvard University purchased a T50HT from us. They needed a high performance three roll mill with a small footprint, so that they could create a precise blend for their nanoparticle ink formulations. Their senior research scientist conveyed that the Group uses paste inks with the viscosity ranging 100 - 1000 Pa s.

The Lewis Group is part of Harvardís School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and primarily focuses on 3D printing of soft materials for use in printed electronics, optical materials, light-weight structures, and microvascular architectures for cell culture and tissue engineering. The Group designs and fabricates functional, structural and biological materials, which feature controlled composition and architecture across multiple length scales. Nanoparticles have a tendency to form clumps, which can decrease the durability and strength of the overall end-structure. Three roll mills are crucial in breaking down agglomerates to achieve perfect particle dispersion.

The T50HT model was the perfect small size for the Lewis Lab, as it can be positioned on a bench-top for convenient usage. The mill has an advanced fine adjustment mechanism for easy roller calibration, and can quickly process material. On top of that, the T50ís interface is designed to be user-friendly, and the structure is all stainless steel. This three roll mill allows the Lewis Group to produce the perfect consistency for their nanoparticle inks.