Leidos and the Dispersion of MWCNT into Resin for 3D Printing

October 2018

On a typical day at Torrey Hills Technologies, we get a variety of different requests or questions from companies all over the world. On October 8th we were contacted by a Research Scientist for Leidos, who was based out of the companies San Diego office.

Leidos is a Fortune 500 company, that does business all over the world in both public and private sectors. They are separated into four different lines of business. Defense and Intelligence, which encompasses everything from outer space to the sea and includes cyberspace. Health, where they combine technology and human intelligence. Civil, where they improve day to day lives through infrastructure, energy and the environment and lastly Advanced Solutions, where they create innovative products and solutions.

The Leidos scientist contacted us because his team is working on a project and had a need for a machine that can disperse an aggregated MWCNT into a special type of resin for 3D printing. They are currently in the Research and Development stage with this project and needed to test it before they could think about purchasing a roller to make sure it fit their need. Based on Peters needs we suggested the T65 Three Roll Mill, which is great at breaking down agglomerates, achieving perfect particle dispersion and would give him the 5um results he was looking for. We lent them our T65 machine with steel rollers for a day, and when we received our machine back they let us know that the researchers working on the project liked the T65 machine a lot. They said it was very easy to use and that they were able to achieve the results they were looking for. We were more than happy to help out Leidos in their trials, and love that they love our product as much as we do.