Bill Gates and Peter Thiel Fund THT
Three Roll Mill Customer LightSail Energy

LightSail Energy, a three roll mill customer of Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC (THT), is creating a new high-efficiency technology for renewable energy that will likely be ready for commercial release in 2016. LightSail's grid-scale energy storage system could completely change how energy is delivered around the world.

In essence, LightSail's compressed air energy technology revolves around spraying a mist of water into the air, which then absorbs clean heated energy and can be stored indefinitely. LightSail has received funding from Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Khosla Ventures, the government of Nova Scotia, and other investors. THT is so proud LightSail is using our product for the development of this exciting technology.

Congratulations, LightSail Energy! Here is the full story:

LightSail Energy's Impressive List of Investors

LightSail Energy's Inventors