When and How to Lubricate a
Three Roll Mill

Maintenance of our three roll mills is very easy. While the mills are pre-lubricated, proper care will serve to extend the lifetime of these machines. Lubrication is usually required after the machine has been running for 120 hours to protect the gear system. Do not add more grease to a brand new machine during first-time operation, since the bearing base has been greased before shipping.

Maintenance Instructions - here is how it is done!

a. The machine has an oil seal structure for gears that requires industrial grease. We recommend using general bearing grease to lubricate our mill (such as Mobil Mobilith SHC100 Synthetic Bearing Grease, for example). The grease level should reach only half of the gauge to prevent it from spraying out.

b. After the machine runs for 120 hours, the lubrication grease must be applied to the transmission axle through the lubricating inlet with an injection tool, such as a standard grease gun.

c. Lubrication grease should be frequently applied to places such as hand wheels, and the high/low speed roller bearing base to prevent the gear teeth from choking.

If you have any questions about maintaining or lubricating our three roll mills, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!