Torrey Hills T2-HS380 Magnetic Stirrer

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Laboratory magnetic stirrers with hot plate are electric appliances that are used to heat glassware or its liquid or solid contents. They can stir a liquid solution by means of a stir bar that is spun magnetically inside the vessel. Magnetic stirrers with hot plate are commonly used in scientific research, clinics, and laboratories.

The T2-HS380 is the digital hot plate magnetic stirrer with compact design. It has stainless steel plate with porcelain enamel surface. The heating function is from ambiance+5C to 380C, which is adjustable with 1C increment. Its safe separate circuits automatically stop heating when the temperature is over 380C. Stirring speed range is from 200 to 1,500 rpm, and the stirring capacity is up to 2L. It also has dual LED displays for digital temperature and stirring speed control, and an external sensor (sold separately with the arm holder) to ensure temperature regulation to 1 C.

Premium Features


Voltage (VAC) 110
Frequency (Hz) 60
Power (W) 500
Heating temperature range (C) Ambience – 380
Temperature increment (°C) 1
Speed increment (rpm) 10
Temperature control accuracy with PT100 sensor (°C) ±1
Speed range (rpm) 200-1500
Maximum stirring quantity for H2O (L) 2
Heating rate for 1Lwater (K/min) 6
Speed/Heat display LED
Temperature display accuracy(°C) 0.1
Speed display accuracy (rpm) 1
Motor type DC brushless motor
Plate material Ceramic coated steel
Temperature sensor of extra position PT100
Dimension of plate (inch) 5.3
Dimension of machine (inch) 12×6.7×4
Weight (lbs.) 6
Permissible ambient temperature (°C) 5 - 40
Permissible ambient humidity 80%
RS232 interface Yes