Three Roll Mill Maintenance Tips

Fuse to the Rescue

Did you plug in your three roll mill and then all of a sudden everything tripped and you lost power? Please be careful when using our machines, but just in case of this problem sounding familiar to you here is how you solve it. With all of our three roll mills we supply a spare fuse that can be found conveniently in your fuse box. You may ask, where is it? Well, if you proceed to the picture you can see its location and how to take it out. From here, you can see the one in the box is the spare and the one hanging out is the one in use. Then all you have to do is replace it and your machine should be running good as new!

Blade Issues

Have you noticed there is a gap/line in your output while working with a three roll mill? The problem to this could be having a chipped blade! You can replace your blade by turning it over on the back and unscrewing these 4 screws as shown in the picture below. When you take it out, examine the blade for any chips or dents in it. If you find any, you probably need to get a new blade. You should be shipped a spare with every shipment, but if you run out you can buy more from us for any machine!

Teflon Hopper that Prevents Corrosion/Contamination

Are you been worried about using corrosive materials with your three roll mill's stainless steel hopper? Are you worried that the surface isn't actually clean? Well look no further as we have a solution for you. Introducing our Teflon hopper! This Teflon hopper is made to withstand chemical compounds and can ensure no contamination when properly cleaned. We currently only have it in stock for the T50, but you can custom order a Teflon hopper for your T65 or T65B three roll mills and we will get it to you before you know it. Now you can run all your mixtures through our hopper worry free!

Manual Turn Knob that Makes Cleaning So Easy

Are you having difficulty cleaning the T50 ointment mill rollers after using it? Did you know, that each machine actually comes with a manual turn knob? This key should be located at the top left of your machine. All you have to do is pull it out and align it into the whole on the left side of your machine (as shown in the picture below). Now you have a safe and easy way to clean your ointment mill rollers without getting your hands dirty! I hope all of you are taking advantage of our unique feature. Now you can keep your white coats white and your hands clean.

Loose Apron? Adjusting the Spring Will Help

Is your three roll mill apron getting loose on your machine? If so, don't panic. The first thing is to check under your machine shown in the picture below. As you can see, there are chain links holding the springs apart. If you want to tighten it, move the spring one link closer. For example, if you have 4 links, hook it up so that you now only have 3 links between them. This should make the connection tighter between your front roller and apron. Do be careful, as the springs do require a lot of force. If you are in need of new springs be sure to check out our store (coming soon) or call us to place an order!

Fine-Tuning the Machine

Has it been bothering you that one side is coming out faster then the other from your three roll mill? Let me tell you that you can fix that! With every T65 mill, you get your own short blade mm feeler gauge set. (The picture is below in case you forgot what it looks like.) Set your gap to your own personal setting. You can measure the gap to make sure it is even so your product comes out nice and even. If you need more advanced help, please let us know and we can provide a step by step instructions.