Using Three Roll Mill to Process Metal and Ceramic Powders.

Today, we received a question raised by a research chemist from Indium Corporation of America. It was a great one and our engineers tried the best to answer it to this customer's satisfaction.

Can this machine work with silver or copper paste or some pastes containing inorganic particles such as alumina, zinc oxide and silicon carbide etc. Some colleagues has concern about using inorganic particles, and tend to confine the use only to organic materials. I have talked with LEO, his answer is yes, we can use it. Can you please send me some examples so that I can persuade my colleagues? Research Chemist, Indium Corporation

First of all, excellent question. Yes three roll mills can be used to process all the materials the customer mentioned. Many examples can be found in one of our white papers titled Three Roll Mills And Thick Film Paste.

If the customer is using silver or copper pastes, both steel and ceramic rollers will work well. Typically inside such pastes, there is a small amount of glass frits that will remove the trace amount of metal from the roller.

For conductors at low frequency, the trace amount of metal does not matter.

At high frequency (say a few giga hertz), this trace amount may induce higher loss.

For dielectric paste, this trace amount of metal may affect the dielectric constant.