Celebrate National Nanotechnology Day


Nanotechnology is a science that has applications in almost every area of life, from healthcare to manufacturing, space travel to improving our environment. Keeping up with the constantly evolving advances is a challenge in a field that spreads into so many application areas.

"National Nanotechnology Day, a series of events and activities led by the U.S. nanotechnology community, is an annual opportunity to inform the public and stakeholders about nanotechnology and its benefits; the accomplishments of industry, academia, and government in nanotechnology R&D, commercialization, and education; and the future opportunities and promise for nanotechnology. The purpose of this day is to celebrate the hard work of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who have helped nanotechnology move from a laboratory curiosity to an enabling technology that is rapidly becoming pervasive in consumer products, medicine, transportation, energy, and infrastructure. "
                                                 ----- www.nano.gov

Join us in this celebration by taking a fun quiz below. Time to test your nano-knowledge! Having trouble viewing the quiz? Follow this link instead.

Why Are We Relevant

The strong tendency for nanoparticles to form clumps and clusters (“agglomerates”) is a serious technological problem that impedes the effective use of nanoparticles in many applications. For example, the nanoclay aggregates (as large as 10 microns) could result in reduction of strength in nanoclay/epoxy composites.

Torrey Hills three roll mills apply a dispersion technique that employs both shear flow and extensional flow created by rotating rolls of different speed to mix and disperse CNT, CNF, Graphene, or other nanoscale particles into polymers or other viscous matrixes.

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