THE POWER OF PROMILL™ For The High Volume Compounder

MEDISCA’s new ProMill™ elevates ointment mills to a higher level of production. Its distinctive features include a capacity of up to 11 liters per hour, a self-calibration option and an innovative cleaning tool for its fixed rollers. This robust machine was designed specifically for compounders who need to mill large volumes of preparations in the most efficient manner. ProMill™ is your new powerhouse mill.

Ointments are viscous semisolid preparations for external application to the skin or mucous membranes. They are usually medicated and can be applied in order to heal, soothe or protect. For topical dermatological products, drugs are delivered into the skin for treatment of dermal disorder. For transdermal products, drugs are delivered through the skin to the general circulation.

There are two types of ointments, medicated and non-medicated. Non-medicated ointments are sometimes referred to as ointment bases. Apart from their protectant, emollient, or lubricating effect, they are commonly used as vehicles in medicated ointments.

To incorporate solid into the ointment base, an ointment mill is often used to ensure that the final product will not be gritty. The particle size of a powder or crystalline material is usually reduced before incorporation. If preparing a large quantity of ointment, here are the 2 simple steps that can greatly increase your output and produce smooth and elegant ointments.

1) Mix together the solid and the ointment base with electric mortar & pestle.
2) Put the mixture through an ointment mill 1 to 2 passes.

A MEDISCA Exclusive Innovation

Torrey Hills Ointment Mills have been sold to pharmacies all over the US and have proven to be an effective alternative to Exact 50 featuring higher force and significantly higher outputs. In fact, MEDISCA, global leader in the pharmaceutical compounding industry, partnered with Torrey Hills Technologies a few years ago to design and manufacture a new powerful ointment mill specifically engineered to service high volume compounders across different specialties:

1) Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Cosmeceutical Compounding
2) Hormone Replacement Therapy Compounding
3) Pain Management Compounding
4) Pediatric Compounding
5) Diabetic Compounding

Ointment Mill Specifications

Parameter ProMill T65 T65B T65SL
Diameter of Roller 2" (50mm) 2.5" (65mm) 2.5" (65mm) 2.5" (65mm)
Length of Roller 8" (203mm) 5" (127mm) 10" (254mm) 20" (520mm)
Roller Speed Ratio (Fixed) 1:1.8:3.3 1:2:4 1:2:4 1:2:4
Roller RPM Maximum 690 Maximum 432 Maximum 432 Maximum 432
Motor Power 0.125HP 0.75HP 0.75HP 0.75HP
Weight 46lbs (21kg) 165lbs (75kg) 175lbs (80kg) 220 lbs (100kg)
Dimensions 14.2" x 7.5" x 9.5" (360mm x 190mm x 240mm) 25" x 11" x 15" (635mm x 280mm x 381mm) 30" x 11" x 15" (770mm x 280mm x 381mm) 40" x 11" x 15" (1020mm x 280mm x 381mm)