Torrey Hills Receives US Patent for Design of T65 and T65B Three Roll Mill!

United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent number D752,667 for the design of our compact yet robust T65 and T65B three roll mill.

These lab models have visually appealing design and boast a revolutionary mechanical driving system that delivers high shear force with minimum operating noise. The mill's rollers are cored for either cooling or heating, which keeps maintains the desired temperature. These rollers are crafted with 5μm concentricity and 0.5μm surface finish to ensure consistent success for precise applications. THT's engineering team meticulously matched the electrical components and bearing systems to maximize the machine's potential power, dispersing efficiency, and throughput. This mill features a VFD to provide variable speed control. As a result of these innovations, this device achieves particle size milling down to the submicron level.

“Torrey Hills is proud to have patented this powerful and efficient mixing technology,” said Ken Kuang, President and CEO of THT. “We look forward to continuing to develop cutting-edge solutions for the multiple industries that we serve.”

T65 was previously honored as Gold Prize winner for the 2013 Golden Bridge Award under the New Industrial Products and Services category.