Philips Medical Loves Our Mill!

Earlier this year, we sold a lab model T65 three roll mill to Philips Medical in Israel. They were planning to mix Bi2O3 powder (Bismuth Oxide powder) with epoxy resin (50-90% filler in the Epoxy). Their desired Bi2O3 particle target fineness is 10um and the mill is intended to be the ultimate tool to break down the agglomerates.

The Bi2O3 powder was derived from the ignition of bismuth nitrate. It is nsoluble in water but soluble in acids. The standard particle size for this powder ranges from 10 microns to 150 microns. Ball milling can further reduce the particle size to submicron levels.

Bi2O3 powder is widely used in optical glasses, fluxes, varistor formulations, ceramic capacitor formulations, and bone china. Applications for nano sized Bi2O3 powder include various electrochemical uses, such as in the electrolyte or cathode of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), in bio-medical and cancer imaging and for other photoconductive characteristics in thin films. Three roll mill is the perfect tool to disperse various sized Bismuth Qxide particles into bonders such as epoxies.

Philips has been very happy with the peformance of our machine. "The tool is working fine and does a great job for our production and material development," said Yaniv Rotem, Technical Project Manager of Philips Medical. "The application is very easy. The operators learned to operate the tool in about one week, and we find it very friendly." He is more than happy to be a good reference for us.


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