Planetary Centrifugal Mixers / Paste Mixers

The planetary centrifugal deaeration mixer, also known as paste mixer, is a highly-efficient and fully-automated equipment that specializes in mixing viscous material while degassing at the same time. It employs a no-touch, no-blade mechanism to mix materials using simultaneous rotation and revolution. The final product is a uniformly dispersed mixture with even submicron bubbles removed. This machine can handle a variety of materials such as polymer, cosmetics, pharmaceutical ointment, ink, solder paste, adhesives, sealant, conductive paste, metal slurries, nano materials, and electrode materials.

Planetary Centrifugal paste mixer working mechanism

Compared to other mixing methods, planetary centrifugal mixing achieves:

  • Mixing and deaeration in a short amount of time
  • Highly reproducible results
  • Prevents material breakdown and potential waste
  • Easy cleanup without the need to clean accessories such as mixing blades
  • Has the ability to mix materials with different viscosities and densities
  • Disperses nano particles to eliminate aggregations

Paste Mixer Product Line

Paste Mixer Features

  • Simultaneous mixing and defoaming in a short period of time
  • Axis of cup holder has an angle around 45 degrees
  • The sample cups rotate and revolve at the same time
  • Contactless operation (no propeller required)
  • Even higher viscous materials are easily mixed (up to approx. 1,000,000 cP)
  • Resin and powder can be mixed easily
  • Reproducibility and standardization
  • Defoaming the materials without changing their property
  • Defoaming by hundreds G acceleration from the speeds of revolution
  • Easy operation

Paste Mixer Jar Adaptors

* Adapters are designed to be available for the sample amount from 10 to 150ml

Merits of Defoaming

  • Improvement of the insulation
  • Prevention of the air dispensing
  • Prevention of the oxidation
  • Prevention of the diffusion
  • Improvement of the adhesion

Planetary Centrifugal Paste Mixer Models

 Model  Capacity  Max. RPM  Cup Volume  Type  Power
 SI PM-300 Twin   300 g x 2 cups  1,500  0.3 Liter    2 kw single phase

 SI PM-300V Twin

  300 g x 2 cups  1,350  0.3 Liter    Vacuum  2.5 kw single phase
 SI PM-1K Twin   1 kg x 2 cups  750  1 Liter    3 kw single phase
 SI PM-1KV Twin   1 kg x 2 cups  750  1 Liter   Vacuum  3 kw single phase
 SI PM-3K Twin   3 kg x 2 cups  600  3 Liter    5 kw single phase
 SI PM-3KV Twin   3 kg x 2 cups  600  3 Liter   Vacuum  6 kw single phase
 SI PM-10KV Twin   10 kg x 2 cups  500  10 Liter   Vacuum  10 kw single phase
 SI PM-15KV Twin   10 kg x 2 cups  450  15 Liter   Vacuum  15 kw single phase