Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Applications

How to Perfectly Blend Electronics Paste

One of the most important roles that electronics paste can play is to increase conductivity between two close-fitting parts so that the end-product functions as expected. The performance of the end-product depends on how well the materials that make up the electronics paste are blended together. If not mixed properly, electronics paste can be the culprit for suboptimal thermal performance and durability. Electronics paste can be used for a vast variety of applications, so its performance is crucial to multiple industries.

For instance, electronics paste is commonly used in manufacturing solar cells. Silver rear contacts are made out of silver or silver-aluminum electronics paste, which are printed and fired onto silicon to allow the electrical connection between different cells in a module. In one laboratory procedure, researchers used a Mazerustar planetary centrifugal mixer to blend batches of Ti–P and Ta-P dielectric paste. Their goal was to electrically isolate electrodes of opposite polarity types on the same side of a silicon-based solar cell. Achieving faultlessly blended electronic pastes was crucial to their purpose.

In another application, researchers investigated ways to enhance the reliability of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) by reducing the chance of delamination that can occur from poorly mixed electronics paste. Delamination occurs when the physical integrity of different materials fails and breaks into different layers. In a study published by Microelectronics Reliability, scientists used a Mazerustar planetary centrifugal mixer to blend silicone microsphere into the electronics paste as a strategy to prevent delamination. By adding extra filler material to the paste, scientists were able to suppress shrinkage.

As you might note, planetary centrifugal mixers (also called “paste mixers”) can be vital machines in helping to create a perfectly blended electronics paste. These mixers work without blades or propellers, and use a special touch-free process to blend materials using simultaneous rotation and revolution. This method allows for fast and thorough mixing, as materials for electronics paste are degassed and blended at the same time. Using a paste mixer helps to produce ideal mixing results for electronics pastes. Torrey Hills Technologies offers two lines of planetary centrifugal mixers: their own advanced SI-PM series, as well as Mazerustar mixer models.