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Three Roll Mill Models and Specifications
Models 2.5x5 6x12 9x26
Roller Diameter 2.5"/65mm 6"/155mm 9"/230mm
Roller Effective Surface Length 5"/127mm 12"/305mm 26"/660mm
Roller Rotating Speed (rpm) Slow Roller 31 40 23
Middle Roller 84 94 64
Fast Roller 174 217 183
Motor Power (KW/HP) 0.75/1 3/4 5.5/7.5
Overall Dimension 18"x13"x15" 33"x33"x35" 48"x44"x44"
Total Weight (lb) 165 1,100 4,500
Three Roll Mill Process Rates
Model RPM on exit roll Gallons per hour lbs per hour
2.5"x5" 174 0.25 - 1.25 1.0 - 5.0
6"x12" 217 1.8 - 8.8 9.0 - 44.0
9"x26" 170 3.5 - 17.2 14.0 - 68.8
Available Three Roll Mill Options (Option Priced Separately)
Options 2.5x5 6x12 9x26
20mm Thick Minimum NiCr Stainless Steel Rollers x
Premium US TimKen Bearings x
Explosion Proof x
Stainless Steel Receiving Apron x
Stainless Steel Top x
All 304 Stainless Steel Structure
Adjustable Speed
Cooling Tank Options
Auto Loading Option x x

* Basic three roll mill model comes with brass end plates, hardened cold cast steel rollers, cored rollers for cooling/heating, Ni plated receiving apron, regular bearings and motor.
** The parameters are typical. The actual machine may vary depending on the configuration.