Stacking Two Three Rolling Mills for Optimal Production/Milling

Customers always have good questions, that's one thing I've learned from being on the front lines of customer service. Some customers who are looking to process large volumes of their product on their three roll mills with multiple passes such as with topicals frequently ask us what they can do to maximize their processing abilities because they are looking to do large volumes of product with multiple passes - but not spend so much time and energy milling. One solution that we have come up with, which is ideal for materials that need two or more passes such as inks - is the waterfall technique. Which means stacking two mills one above the other so that the product from one mill can fall into the hopper of the second mill allowing for two passes and minimal effort for the user. Since our mills are already made for compact spaces such as laboratories, stacking them together still takes up less room than most of our competitors. This technique also doubles the throughput amount since users will not have to bring the product back for a second pass on the first machine. The video below is a sample of a common cream application used on our three roll mills, other products that are commonly used are chocolate, resins, inks, and ointments.

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